Dry Fruits Name Hindi and English सभी ड्राई फ्रूट्स के नाम

Dry Fruits Name in English and Hindi with Images, and Video.

In this post we will know all Dry Fruits Name with there Hindi Name and there Images or pic.

Read Dry Fruits Name in Hindi ड्राई फ्रूट्स नाम हिंदी में

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Dry Fruits Name List in English

1. Almond

2. Apricot

3. Cashewnuts

4. Dates

5. Dried Figs

6. Peanuts

7. Pine Nuts

8. Pistachios

9. Raisins

10. Walnuts

Dry Fruits Name Video

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Dry Fruits Name in English and Hindi Audio

All Dry Fruits Name in English and Hindi with Image

1. Almond

dry fruits name almond
Almond, Badaam (बादाम)

Hindi Name : Badaam (बादाम)

Scientific Name : Prunus dulcis

Know more from Wikipedia.

2. Anise , Fennel

dry fruits name fennel
Fennel, Saunf (सौंफ़)

Hindi Name : Saunf (सौंफ़)

Scientific Name : Foeniculum vulgare

3. Apricot

dry fruits name apricot
Apricot, Khubani (खुबानी)

Hindi Name : Khubani (खुबानी)

Scientific Name : Prunus armeniaca

Know more from Wikipedia.

4. Arrowroot

dry fruits name Arrowroot, Ararot
Arrowroot, Ararot (अरारोट)

Hindi Name : Arrowroot, Ararot (अरारोट)

Scientific Name : Maranta arundinacea

5. Betel-Nut ( Areca Nut )

Betel-Nut ( Areca Nut )
Betel-Nut ( Areca Nut ) Supari, Kaseli (सुपारी, कसेली)

Hindi Name : Supari, Kaseli (सुपारी, कसेली)

Scientific Name : Areca catechu

6. Cantaloupe Seeds

Cantaloupe Seeds
Cantaloupe Seeds, Kharbuj ke beej(ख़रबूज़ के बीज)

Hindi Name : Kharbuj ke beej(ख़रबूज़ के बीज)

Scientific Name : Cucumis melo var. cantalupo

7. Cashew nut

dry fruits Cashew nut
Cashew nut, Kaju,Kaajoo (काजू)

Hindi Name : Kaju,Kaajoo (काजू)

Scientific Name : Anacardium occidentale

8. Chestnut

Chestnut, Shahbalut (शाहबलूत)

Hindi Name : Shahbalut (शाहबलूत)

Scientific Name : Castanea alnifolia

Know more from Wikipedia.

9. Coconut

Coconut, Nariyal (नारियल)

Hindi Name : Nariyal (नारियल)

Scientific Name : Cocos nucifera

10. Cudpahnut (Chironji)

Cudpahnut (Chironji)
Cudpahnut (Chironji)

Hindi Name : Chironji (चिरोंजी)

Scientific Name : Buchanania lanzan

11. Currant, Raisins

dry fruits Currant, Raisin
Currant, Raisin, Kishmish (किशमिश)

Hindi Name : Kishmish (किशमिश)

Raisin is a dried Grapes. Grapes Scientific Name is Vitis vinifera.

Know more about Raisin from Wikipedia.

12. Dates

dry fruits name Dates

Hindi Name : Khajur, Khajoor (खजूर)

Scientific Name : Phoenix dactylifera

13. Dry Dates

dry fruits name dry dates chhuara
Dates, Chhuara, Chuhara (छुहारा)

Hindi Name : Chhuara, Chuhara (छुहारा)

14. Fig

fig , Anjeer
Anjeer (अंजीर)

Hindi Name : Anjir, Anjeer (अंजीर)

Scientific Name : Ficus carica

Know more about Fig from Wikipedia.

15. Flax seeds

Flax seeds
Flax seeds

Hindi Name : Alsi (अलसी)

Scientific Name : Linum usitatissimum

16. Groundnuts, Peanuts

Groundnuts, Peanuts
Groundnuts, Peanuts

Hindi Name : Mungfali (मूंगफली)

Scientific Name : Arachis hypogaea

17. Lotus Seeds Pop, Fox nuts

dry fruits Lotus Seeds Pop, Fox nuts
Lotus Seeds Pop, Fox nuts

Hindi Name : Makhana (मखाना)

Scientific Name : Euryale ferox

18. Peanuts

dry fruits name Peanuts

Same as Groundnuts.

19. Pine Nut

dry fruits Pine Nut
Pine Nut

Hindi Name : Chilgoza (चिलगोजा)

Scientific Name : Pinus koraiensis

Know more about Pine nut from Wikipedia.

20. Pistachio

Dry Fruits Name Pistachio
Pistachio, Pista (पिस्ता)

Hindi Name : Pista (पिस्ता)

Scientific Name : Pistacia vera

21. Prunes

dry fruits name Prunes

Get more informations from Wikipedia

22. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

Hindi Name : Kaddoo ke beej (कददू के बीज)

Know more about Pumpkin Seeds from Wikipedia.

23. Saffron


Hindi Name : Kesar (केसर)

Scientific Name : Crocus sativus

24. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds, Til ke beej (तिल के बीज)

Hindi Name : Til ke beej (तिल के बीज)

Scientific Name : Sesamum indicum

25. Sugar candy

Sugar candy mishree
Sugar candy, Mishree (मिश्री)

Hindi Name : Mishree (मिश्री)

Know more from Wikipedia


dry fruits name Walnuts
Walnuts, Akharot (अखरोट)

Hindi Name : Akharot (अखरोट)

Scientific Name : Juglans regia

Know more about Walnuts from Wikipedia.

27. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon Seeds
Watermelon Seeds

Hindi Name : Tarbuj ke beej (तरबूज के बीज)

Scientific Name of Watermelon : Citrullus lanatus

Dry Fruits Name in Hindi

1. Badaam (बादाम)

2. Khubani (खुबानी)

3. Kaju,Kaajoo (काजू)

4. Khajur, Khajoor (खजूर)

5. Anjir, Anjeer (अंजीर)

6. Mungfali (मूंगफली)

7. Chilgoza (चिलगोजा)

8. Pista (पिस्ता)

9. Kishmish (किशमिश)

10. Akharot (अखरोट)

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